Day Care arcus


Children between 6 and 12 years old


The Day Care arcus starts early in the morning before school. The children are welcomed to a friendly and cozy atmosphere. They are given the opportunity to play freely or to rest before school starts.

At lunch time, children get to choose from two warm, balanced and varied meals (meat or vegetarian) which are freshly prepared by a professional catering company, Restopolis. Parents have the opportunity to download the Restopolis app, to be informed of the daily menus.

In the afternoon, numerous projects and activities are offered.

During the school holidays a full-day supervision with themed activities for all children is offered.


Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7pm


Parents' financial contribution is calculated on the basis of the enrolment modules and is determined under the "chèque-service accueil " arrangement. 


The Day Care arcus has a dedicated teaching staff composed by 

  • Pedagogues
  • Educators
  • Child Care Specialists/Experts


The Day Care arcus has room for 350 children. It has several age-appropriate function rooms (art room, performance room with a stage, construction room, science room, craft &physics room) which are linked to the concept of the Weltatelier, three children’s restaurants, an outside area, and a small garden  etc.  Since the Day Care arcus is situated within walking distance of the city center, there is access to several parks, playgrounds, museums, sports halls, swimming pools, forests and more. The Day Care arcus also has children’s and adult bicycles at its disposal. 

Methodische Ansätze

The Day Care arcus works by the Weltatelier concept. The focus of this concept is the competent child. Every child is capable, even at a very young age, to make its own and competent decisions. The Day Care arcus is a place where the children can feel comfortable, build a social network and open themselves to new ideas. It is a place of non-formal education where children pursue their interests, ideas and questions and thereby learn.

Important educational fields are creativity, art, Languages, communication and media, body awareness and health, values, participation and democracy, emotions and social relations, Sciences and technology.

A common pedagogical approach such as a good cooperation and collaboration based on regular meetings between the Day Care arcus team and the school staff is essential to meet the needs of all our children.

Day Care arcus is committed to ensure  that our learners achieve  highly and fulfill their potential through the promotion of high standards and expectations in all we do and provide.


Manola Pau


Day Care arcus
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